Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Things I love so very much...

Hey sweets,

Out of my working-chaos, I thought it might be time for a little list of things I love :) so here we go...

1. autumn
2. letters, handwritten, with ink
3. receiving letters in general
4. leaves sailing to the ground
5. autumn colored leaves
6. cinnamon in everything
7. candles
8. spending the whole day just reading
9. long walks in the woods
10. long walks with my dog :)
11. good food
12. warm food
13. soups and stews and pasta
14. baked goods
15. baking
16. the smell of baking in my house
17. dreaming of my own café
18. dreaming of being a writer
19. dreaming of being anything interesting
20. listening to music without doing anything else
21. listening to music while doing something else
22. long drives in the dark, when I dont have to drive
23. university
24. nail polish in creamy,brown shades
25. red lipstick worn during the day
26. necklaces with pretty pendants
27. leather armchairs
28. blankets and pillows (you can never have enough of them)
29. being surrounded by my books
30. finding a new book and while reading you get totally lost in it
31. most members of my family
32. all of my beloved friends
33. getting crazy with my niece
34. spending Sundays in cafés with fiends
35. flowers on the table
36. flowers in the garden
37. hearing mice on the roof
38. napping after eating a lot
39. the warm, comfortable feeling after a nap
40. feeling warm and comfortable
41. helping my friends feeling happy
42. baking or making caramel for my friends
43. new years holidays in Denmark
44. beaches in autumn or winter
45. soft skin
46. body butter with warm smell
47. tea tea tea
48. chai latte
49. coffee coffee coffee
50. feeling warm wind in my hair

hm, okee...I guess this might be enough for now... but wait, I have beautiful song to share with you, too :)

hope you all have the most enchanted weekend :)

kisses and cuddles


  1. i love this song!

    thanks for your comment on my blog


  2. Hey babe.
    It's my first time on your blog :-) You are welcome to comment on my blog or follow me<3

  3. You're such a lovely person = ] I'm looking forward to your next letter, i've lots to tell you, all very exciting!

  4. This is very nice and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing. :) I hope we get to see more in the future!

    And thank you so much for the sweet comment on my post. :) I'm glad to have made you smile!

  5. That list is chock full of wonderful things. The song tops it all off nicely :)

  6. I think you have covered most of my likes on your list as well! ;-)
    You seem to mention food and being cosy a lot!
    Autumn is my very favourite time of year for being cosy with a fluffy blanket and a drink of hot chocolate.
    Thank you for the lovely bread recipe. I have also left you a comment on your last post.
    Autumn Blessings. :-)

  7. What an adorable post!! What a lovely list of things :) My list would be almost exactly the same!!!

  8. i love your loves. especially the handwritten letters x