Samstag, 10. Oktober 2009

pear cookies for everyone ;)

hey sweets,

i´m so sorry for my absence these days but uni started again and i was busy running around like a maniac ;)
so today i´ll give you my pear-cookie recipe :) i made these yesterday for my sisters birthday brunch .

So, first of all, what you need:

115g butter, softened
180g sugar (brown or white...just how you like it)
1 egg
5ml vanilla extract (also working: almond, rum...hmm...whatever you like might work ;)
250g flour
7g baking powder
half teaspoon ground cinnamon (you can use more ginger and cinnamon if you like it)
half teaspoon ground ginger
1 pear - peeled, cored and diced
70g raisins (cranberries work also)
60g chopped walnuts (i used hazelnuts this time...also great)

and now what to do with this stuff ;)

first you combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and ginger. (i always use a little baking soda, too)

then mix raisins and the nuts.

pear chopping ;) and adding to the nuts/raisins

beat butter and sugar until really smooth and then add the egg and the extract.

now add the flour...

and then the pear/nut/raisins

now put onto a baking sheet a little apart from each other rounded tablespoonfuls of the dough and bake ca.15 minutes at 175°C but dont let them get too dark ;)

i hope you can soon enjoy some cookies very soon ;) and one more add, with the spices, extracs and so on you can be creative. i also added a little can do what your taste wants ;)

have fun and see you soon my little fairy-cupcakes :)


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